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"Of the people you list Muhammed is actually the one most likely to have lived and existed as described in their own particular religion."

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Mezikazahn | 11.10.2017
Now we get into a slippery slope. Does the state have authority over you or do you have authority over the state. If the state can come and take your children because they want to force medicine on them, what makes it stop? If this is the case then the state has authority over you so then it can't be made up about the people. I just don't see this ending well or working.
Taugal | 21.10.2017
Stop driving on roads, attending schools, being protected by our military, flying in planes that land safely and have no hijackers, breathing clean air, drinking clean water...
Arashigore | 27.10.2017
Glad to hear all is going well! Yes, I?m like the ?Dear Abby? of Disqus. Those who are addicted keep coming back! ??
Mazuktilar | 03.11.2017
Next head buried in the sand retort from you?
Shakagrel | 11.11.2017
Yeah, it would be nice to see a "some" or "often" or an "IMO" sprinkled in here and there. :/
Fesar | 17.11.2017
That was an interesting read, thanks!
Bram | 24.11.2017
Zero alcohol units.
Vogor | 25.11.2017
look. I don't gawk. that's just creepy.
Moogum | 05.12.2017
The giverment told us in 2004 there were 11 million ILLEGL ALIENS living in the US are we to believe that number hasn't INCREASED in 14 years? If the number is 11 million that means 1 in every 33 living here are ILLEGAL ALIENS, IF the number is 20 million that means 1 in 16 is an ILLEGAL ALIEN!
Fenrijin | 09.12.2017
Not so funny at all - just the only thing the otherwise non-productive Muslim world has of sufficient value to trade for with the West.
Nikoshicage | 15.12.2017
Nope, it is a rejection of an unproven cliam.
Mikataxe | 19.12.2017
assuming we are not talking about solar power, picking winners and losers is OK now.
Akinris | 23.12.2017
Are you insane?
Fem | 26.12.2017
Paging Roy Comfort. Paging Kirk Cameron. Please pick up a white courtesy phone for an emergency message from rational citizens.
Fekora | 28.12.2017
Do you want to care for all these extra lives? How high can we raise your taxes?
Maulrajas | 07.01.2018
No, you glance at an article, without reading it through. This article does not support your case.
Samuktilar | 10.01.2018
I'm not surprised. I read somewhere that the USA is the most litigious country in the world.
Kagore | 16.01.2018
DUDE. The pictures of those children in cages are CURRENT.

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